The different topics developed at the Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry (ICOA) are directed towards the design, synthesis and analysis of small molecules likely to have biological activities.

The institute is a Mixed Research Unit (UMR 7311) of the University of Orleans and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

ICOA is also a member of:

and is a corresponding lab of French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) LRC M09.

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Our latest 3 publications

Dubuis, A. ; Le Masle, A. ; Chahen, L. ; Destandau, E. ; Charon, N.
Centrifugal partition chromatography as a fractionation tool for the analysis of lignocellulosic biomass products by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
J. Chromatogr. A 2019, 1597, 159-166.

West, C.
Recent trends in chiral supercritical fluid chromatography
Trends in Anal. Chem. 2019, 120, 115648.

Raimbaud, E. ; West, C.
Effects of high concentrations of mobile phase additives on retention and separation mechanisms on a teicoplanin aglycone stationary phase in supercritical fluid chromatography
J. Chromatogr. A 2019, 1604, 460494.

Our latest 2 patents

  1. Delhomel, J.-F. ; Perspicace, E. ; Majd, Z. ; Parroche, P. ; Walczak, R. ; Bonnet, P. ; Fogha, J.
    Preparation of piperazine and piperidine derivatives as ROR gamma modulators
  2. Patent N° Kind Date Application N° Date
    WO 2018138354 A1 2 aug 2018 WO 2018-EP52161 29 jan 2018

        Priority Application :
                      EP 2017-305090 A 27 jan. 2017
        ref. chem. Abstract : 2018:1420934

  3. Svetlana, V. E. ; Suzenet, F. ; Routier, S. ; Ben Othman, R. ; Collet, A. ; Ivana, M. ; Delatouche, R. ; Petoud, S.
    Lanthanide complexes comprising derivatives of triethylenetetramine-​N,​N,​N',​N'',​N''',​N'''-​hexaacetic acid
  4. Patent N° Kind Date Application N° Date
    WO 2018130545 A1 19 Jul. 2018 WO 2018-EP50517 10 Jan. 2018
    FR 3061713 A1 13 Jul. 2018 FR 2017-50240 11 Jan. 2017

        Priority Application
                      FR 2017-50240 A Jan 11, 2017
        ref. chem. Abstract : 2018:1336212